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About Manha Verification Services

We are a team of young Entrepreneurs having wide Experience in corporate; always striving to put our innovative ideas into execution to achieve greater productivity
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Employment Verification
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Pre-employment Background Screening Verification Company

The discrepancy and wrong facts as far as employment details are concerned are becoming a common trend among a substantial number of job-seekers. The reason being, there are many details with a longer span of time and the experiences include multiple cities. This makes the HR Job difficult in finding out the truth ;thus a candidate gets overpaid or designated at a position he is incompetent of; resulting not only in organizations heavy financial losses but also their goodwill in the market also suffer . This makes it mandatory for the organization to get all the relevant facts from his past.

This Includes:

  • Checking Previous Employment Details
  • Employer Contact Details
  • Duration of Employment
  • Last Position Held and Reasons for Leaving
  • Salary Verification
  • Forged / False or illegal document
  • Whether full-time employee or not
  • Contradictory verification from HR & Supervisor
  • Exit formalities
  • Discrepancy in permanent / contractual status
  • Reputation / General Feedback from the HR

Manha Verification Services
Our aim is to make HR professionals job easier while hiring a candidate by delivering them all the relevant facts about the incumbent in order to avoid any HR Error that might affect the company adversely in minimum turnaround time through our well established network across INDIA.